Our Customers

Partner of Major Brands

Our customers know what counts – quality, precision and timeliness. And they know that they can get all this from us!

Punctuality is said to be the politeness of kings. Let our references speak for themselves. Our customers  are pleased by our performance as well as our reliability in meeting delivery deadlines.

Our tools are used by many suppliers to the automobile industry. BMW, Mercedes, Opel, Audi, Porsche, VW, and Ford use our parts. Many car parts are produced with tools that we have developed and manufactured – we are very proud of that!

Amongst our other satisfied customers are the Electrical Industry, Household Industry and Medical Technology Industry. Of course we are looking for new challenges and are currently planning a considerable extension of our factory.

Challenge us and we will take it on!

Here is an excerpt from our list of clients:

  • SMP
  • Novem
  • VW
  •  Grupo Antolin
  •  Audi
  •  Magna
  •  Intier
  •  BMW
  •  Borgers