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Our Injection Moulding Services

We produce injection moulding parts for the automotive and electrical industries.

We have specialized in manufacturing high-quality blanks for completed chrome components and visible parts.
PMMA, In-Mould Decoration, and 2-C are parts of our standard production.

We also manufacture all sorts of other injection moulding parts, of course, and always stick to our principle: highest quality even in places where it is not visible.

Our 16 injection moulding machines allow us to produce parts with a clamping force from 35 to 1000 tons.

We are a cutting-edge company and are equipped with the latest machines as well as with drying and cooling devices that ensure high parts quality. We can offer our customers all-in-one solutions by providing all steps of the production circle.

Our new 3-D measuring machine is providing exact measurement reports which we also hand out to our customers.

Moreover, our quality control covers 100% of most construction parts.

Construction groups are assembled with state-of-the-art technology.

With our 90 employees working in 3 shifts we can deliver quickly, however tight your time frame may be.

Our goal is to build up a long-standing cooperation with our customers.

Our machinery and highly qualified personnel give us advantages over our competitors.

High flexibility, a good infrastructure, and coordination are an added value that we guarantee you.

Following is an overview of the injection moulding services we provide:

  • Rheological Studies (Filling Studies)
  • Prototype Construction
  • Mould Making
  • Validation of Injection Moulds
  • Injection of Pre-Series
  • Injection of Series
  • Assembly of Construction Components
  • 3-D Measurement of Injection Parts
  • Quality and Function Control
Applied Methods:

  • 1 C Injection
  • 2 C Injection
  • Insert Moulding
  • Gas-Assist Injection Moulding
  • Inmould Decoration (IMD)
  • Inmould Labelling (IML)