Welcome to ECKERLE Group

At Eckerle, we are a medium-sized company in the areas of mold and tool making, injection molding and industrial painting. To us, being located in the middle of Germany means having a core of highly qualified and experienced employees who stand for the highest quality and precision as well as close proximity to our customers, which is of great importance to us.

As a family-run company, we personally guarantee the commitment of all our employees.

Our entire product range in MOLD MAKING includes parts development and construction as well as mold and tool construction. Wire cutting, laser welding, wage milling, wage eroding and deep hole drilling as well as prototype construction are also part of our service portfolio. Of course, we carry out quality and functional checks of our products already when making the samples and injecting the pilot production.

In the area of ​​INJECTION MOLDING, our product range includes the development of parts including rheological investigations (filling studies), the sampling of injection molds, as well as the injection of pre-series and series. The measurement of injection molded parts as well as all quality and functional controls using dimension and contour gauges or our in-house 3D coordinate measuring machine are also part of our range.

The assembly of components and the finishing of surfaces are also part of our services. Our specialty is PMMA, foil back injection molding and 2K- injection molding as well as varnished components.

Our customers primarily include the renowned TIER1 suppliers and OEMs in the automotive industry.

Our wide range of products is complemented by INDUSTRIAL PAINTING. At our location in Weißenburg (Bavaria), we provide high-quality industrial coatings with high-gloss, decorative or soft coatings for exterior and interior plastic parts.

Overview of our services

Mold & tool making

In the field of mold and tool making, we implement your ideas quickly, flexibly and reliably in the highest quality. Trust in our longstanding experience!

Injection, laser & welding technology

With our know-how and our state-of-the-art and extensive fleet of machinery, we also implement your production orders in a wide range of injection molding processes on schedule and with the highest quality.


Whether high-gloss, decorative or soft lacquer, we also refine your plastic parts for both the interior and the exterior with high-quality and long-lasting industrial coatings.