Franz Eckerle, Company Owner

Dear visitor, welcome to my website!

We are a medium-sized company for mould and tool making, for injection moulding, and laser welding. We are situated in the middle of Germany and that means that we can rely on highly qualified employees with long experience. Therefore we can provide you with the outstanding quality that is typical for us. On that, I, Franz Eckerle, give you my word and that of my employees.

Eckerle consists of two company parts: The Eckerle GmbH for Mould Making and Tool Making and the Eckerle GmbH & Co. KG for Injection Moulding and Laser Welding.

Our mould and tool making services comprise:
Mould making and construction, tool making and laser welding. Prototype construction, wire cutting and parts development are as well part of our services, as is deep whole drilling and drilling and eroding on a wage basis. Quality and function control are part of every production step, even in our initial production processes of validating and injecting pre series. Our specialities are IMD tools, CFM tools, and tools used in research.

Our injection moulding and laser welding services comprise:
Validation of injection moulds, injection of series and pre-series, 3 D measurement of injection parts, prototype construction, mould making and laser welding. Parts construction, quality and function control as well as assembly of group components are parts of our standard procedures. Our specialities are rheologic testing (filling studies), PMMA, in-mould labeling, and 2K.