Our environment

Sustainability and environmental protection — these are concepts and values that are already anchored in the consciousness of many people in Germany and which will become increasingly important in the future. These important values ​​have been cornerstones of the ECKERLE Group for years!

We therefore produce our electricity using solar panels on our own roof. In addition, the machinery used in mold and tool making as well as in the application of our injection and laser technology are cooled with water from our in-house wells. Our lighting in Beilngries meanwhile guarantees energy-saving LED bulbs. But that’s not all: We use the waste heat from our machines to heat our offices and storage rooms.

We have recognized early on that it was time to treat Mother Nature as gently as possible. That is why we were one of the first companies to join the “Bavarian Environmental Agreement” in 2015. This is an agreement between the Bavarian economy and the Bavarian State Government, which stands for cooperative environmental protection. Important guiding principles here are voluntariness, independent action in relation to environmental protection as well as willingness to cooperate.

As you can see, Mother Nature is important to us. We act for the environment; we keep up with the times – just come along!

We are EMAS and ISO 14001 certified.